Play Parimatch JetX and Get +150% Bonus

JetX from SmartSoft is one of the most popular games on Parimatch website. That’s why when you’re looking for a decent crash game, it’s at the top of the list. It differs from the vast majority of other crash games in that the winnings are unlimited, which is sure to please the Indian player. Playing JetX on Parimatch has its advantages. Our site also offers pleasant bonuses, a convenient mobile application and a demo version for new users, allowing them to try out the game for free and understand the essence of the game before playing for real money. 

If you have registered to play Parimatch JetX, you can choose a welcome bonus of 150% of your first deposit. As part of this promotion, new Indian players can increase their first deposit to 30,000 INR with promocode PMPROMO. Join us to get even more benefits!

Is there a JetX game on the Parimatch online casino website.

What Is JetX 

So, what is JetX? Our website features an inventive game that combines the thrilling aspects of playing for real money with the furious action of crash games. The goal of the JetX game is to predict an airplane’s altitude before it explodes, allowing players to wager on its trajectory. With the right strategies and a little luck, game enthusiasts can win real money based on their predictions and selected multipliers.

JetX, developed by SmartSoft Gaming, a renowned game developer known for creating honest and exciting real money games for mobile devices, offers exciting gaming opportunities for both experienced players and beginners. The high return to Player (RTP) from 96.7% to 98.85% for the leading platforms further increases the attractiveness of this exciting gambling game.

Game ProviderSmartSoft Gaming
Type of GameCrash game
Availability of ApplicationsFree iOS and Android mobile apps
Payment MethodsVisa and Mastercard, NetBanking, Paytm, AstroPay, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin and others

How to Start Playing JetX at Parimatch ?

JetX is available both in demo mode and for playing for real money. To start playing, you need to register and top up your balance. Follow these instructions and soon you will be ready for the real game:

  1. Open our website on your computer or in a mobile browser.
  2. After clicking the “Register” button, you will have a registration form to fill out. Fill in the necessary data accurately so that you will not have any problems confirming your identity in the future.
  3. Click the Select Bonus tab to select the promotion you want to use as a welcome bonus.
  4. Specify a valid and active email address.
  5. Come up with a strong password.
  6. Check the box to confirm that you are of legal age to gamble and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the company.
  7. Click “Register” to complete the registration.
  8. Now it’s time to replenish your balance. To do this, click the “Deposit” button.
  9. Choose the payment method that you prefer.
  10. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer.
  11. Your welcome bonus will be credited automatically upon successful receipt of the deposit.
  12. Now that you have a replenished balance, enjoy your time with JetX from Smartsoft!

Instructions for users on how to start playing JetX on the Parimatch online casino website.

How to Play Jet X via Mobile App?

With our Parimatch app, you don’t need to be connected to a computer to enjoy casino offers. We have a well-designed application that is perfectly compatible with most Android and iOS mobile devices. This ensures a fast and easy download process and an uninterrupted game, provided that you have a stable Internet connection and all the functions of our site are available. You will need to download the app via the APK file on the mobile website, regardless of whether you own an Android or Apple device. 

Can I play JetX on the Parimatch online casino website on my phone.

JetX Game Rules 

Before you start the game and place a bet, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Playing JetX is very simple. The following rules are clear even to a beginner:

  1. After the start of the round, the multiplier only increases, and this happens every second.
  2. To withdraw money according to the coefficient you need, you need to click on the “Collect” button.
  3. If the plane explodes and you don’t click the “Collect” button, you will lose the bet.
  4. To calculate your winnings, multiply the amount of the bet you made by the multiplier you used when you left the game.

What are the rules of the JetX game on the Parimatch online casino website.

Tips to Win Parimatch JetX 

The tips, tricks, and recommendations that we are going to give you are not methods of getting 100% winnings. In fact, if you can only cross your fingers when playing slot machines, then in games like blackjack and JetX, you can try to apply a game strategy.

Never forget to play responsibly and consciously manage your bankroll. Let’s look at a couple of strategies:

1. Place Large Bets With a Low Multiplier and Low Bets With a High Multiplier

This is a widely used method by JetX players. They place a large bet with a low coefficient and automatic withdrawal of funds, and in the same round they place a small bet with a high coefficient. The first goal is to limit the risk while trying to ensure constant winnings and maintain the stability of your balance with a large bet. On the other hand, a small bet is designed to get a large multiplier that can increase your balance.

Why should I make a big bet with low odds in the JetX game on the Parimatch online casino website.

2. Play on Volatility and Withdraw Money as Soon as Possible

Another strategy may be to opt for an unstable style of play. The essence of this method is to place bets higher than you usually do and withdraw funds at low multipliers. For your information, the minimum multiplier you can get on JetX is x1.35. The idea here is to constantly make profits and withdraw your winnings from the casino as soon as you get enough profit. Be careful when betting higher than usual, you can lose quickly if you start a losing streak.

Why should I bet higher than I usually do and withdraw funds with low multipliers in the JetX game on the Parimatch online casino website.

3. Use Martingale in JetX

The latter method, which we will present to you, is well known to many casino players, but it is also dangerous for various reasons. The martingale method is to start with a small bet and double it for each lost bet. Put 1 INR, lost, put 2 INR, lost, put 4 INR, lost, put 8 INR, won. You placed bets totaling 15 INR and won 16 INR in the last round. This is a profit of 1 INR. But this method can be very dangerous if you have a small bankroll.

What is Martingale in the JetX game on the Parimatch online casino website.


How to win real money in online crash games?

If you want to make money playing online games for real money, consider taking advantage of welcome bonuses and other promotions, joining loyalty programs and VIP clubs, learning how to play the most profitable games for free, as well as applying statistics and mathematics. With a little bit of knowledge and luck, you can get on the path to a big win!

What are the game mechanics of JetX?

JetX offers players an exciting opportunity to bet on the maximum height of the aircraft before it explodes, with higher risks that could potentially lead to higher payouts. Players use their skills and knowledge of the game to maximize their rewards while enjoying the excitement of online gaming while competing with others.

How can I use the auto-deposit and automatic withdrawal functions in JetX?

Use the automatic betting and automatic withdrawal functions in JetX by configuring the betting and withdrawal options in the game settings. This ensures that you will automatically place bets and withdraw winnings according to your requirements.

Why should I use the JetX demo version?

Playing in JetX demo mode will help you better understand the game and learn about its subtleties. By practicing more and more, you will be able to master each round of the game without risking real money. Therefore, it is recommended that every beginner first spend some time on the demo version.