Play Parimatch Instant Games with Bonus up to 1.5 LakH

Instant games at the online casino Parimatch is a special section of gambling games that allows players to get quick and instant pleasure. These games are different from traditional online slots and table games and offer unique and exciting gameplay. Instant games usually have simple and easily understandable rules, which allows players to quickly start the game and get a result. Instant games feature various genres of gambling, such as arcade games, dice and others. This allows players to choose games according to their preferences and mood.

If you want to find out why instant games on our Parimatch online website are one of the most exciting and incredibly enjoyable ways to spend time and try your luck, keep reading.

What is Instant Games on the Parimatch online casino website.

Crash Games 

The Crash game is a type of online gambling game in which players place a bet and watch as the multiplier increases by 1 time and higher. What’s the trick? The multiplier can “collapse” at any random moment. If you cash out before the crash comes about, you will take back your bet multiplied by the amount you cashed out. If you wait too long, you may lose your entire bet. You’ve probably already heard about these games:

  • JetX;
  • Aviator;
  • Cricket X;
  • Spaceman;
  • CrashX;
  • PlinkoS;
  • Aviatrix;
  • PariMan.

Can I find crash games on the Parimatch online casino website.

Action Games

Action games on Parimatch are games in which players are invited to actively participate and control the actions of a character or events on the screen. These can be different types of games, such as shooters, arcade games, fighting games, or racing, where players need to make quick decisions and react to events. In such games, great attention is paid to dynamics, excitement, and the possibility of winning thanks to their own skills and reactions.

  • Fish Hunter;
  • Space Cat;
  • 4 Dragon Kings;
  • Zodiac Hunting;
  • Mermaid Legend;
  • Wizard Of Wild.

What Action Games are there on the Parimatch online casino website.


In the game “Mines” on Parimatch, you need to open as many cells with a gift or a diamond as possible without bumping into a bomb. You can choose the number of bombs yourself, as well as use the automatic game mode. Winnings can be collected at any time, even if you have only opened a couple of cells so far.

  • Book of Mines;
  • Jackpot Mines;
  • 1Tap Mines;
  • Turbo Mines;
  • F Mines;
  • Super Sixers Mines.

What is the point of playing mines on the Parimatch online casino website.


In the gaming industry, game developers and publishers are creative forces that develop all the nuances and breathe life into games, including casino products such as Crash Gambling. Although the basic concept of Crash gambling remains unchanged, game developers play a vital role in shaping the unique features, services and distinctive features of each game. Here are the main software developers on our website:

  • SmartSoft;
  • Evoplay;
  • Onlyplay;
  • Turbo Games;
  • Fugaso;
  • mPlay;
  • Playtech;
  • Galaxsys.

Who is the game supplier on the Parimatch online casino website.

What Is Instant Crash Games ?

Crash games first appeared at the dawn of the existence of online casinos based on cryptocurrency. As the iGaming industry continued to evolve, traditional online casinos began to pay attention to the growing demand for Crash games and quickly moved from secondary to mass-market games as operators saw the clear potential to attract a different type of player and introduce some variety to the content pool.

The basic scheme of Instant Crash games is a dedicated place on the screen for the status updates of other players. There is often an update indicating how much and when the other player won. Some of them use half of the screen, while others just put it in a corner. The main focus of the game is on a stylized diagram with an animated figure flying or falling on it, occupying most of the screen. The focus should always be on the multiplier, which increases from 1.00x and stops at a random height.

Crash gambling appeals to players seeking an adrenaline rush and rapid wins because it is exciting and fast-paced. Furthermore, players can enjoy less intervention while still having control over their gameplay thanks to features like auto bet, auto play, and auto cash out that are available on numerous platforms.

How should I play crash games on the Parimatch online casino website.

How to Play Instant Games ?

Crash games tend to use the same processes. There may be slight differences in gameplay or subject matter, but the general idea remains the same. First of all, you should choose your favourite game. Next, you need to remember some points:

  1. Before each round, the player decides on the amount of his bet. When the round starts, the indicator on the chart starts to grow, showing a multiplier.
  2. The player can wait as long as he wants before withdrawing money. The longer he waits, the higher the multiplier will be. However, the probability that the game will fail will also increase.
  3. The game ends after the crash, and those who cashed out will receive a prize, the amount of which is determined by the multiplier value at the time of cashing out. For example, if you bet 100 INR dollars and cash out 4.2 times more, you will win 420 INR. Those who do not have time to withdraw money before the end of the game lose their bet. After the end of the game, the countdown to the next round will begin.

How can a user play Instant Games on the Parimatch online casino website.


Instant Crash Games are some of the newest games available on Parimatch. It’s easy and interesting to play if you know the basics. This is a game in which you place a bet and watch the multiplier increase. The goal is to get the money before the multiplier drops. This multiplier may fail at random times and you will have to withdraw money before that happens. To get a win, you need to reach your multiplier or above it. If it crashes before your multiplier, the game ends with a loss. It is possible to exit at any time. The rounds in this game are not very long at all. If you are interested in this type of experience, try any instant game on our website and mobile app.

Why you should choose Parimatch online casino for Instant Games.


Are Crash game algorithms random?

A random number generator, also known as an RNG, is used in crash games to guarantee that the outcomes of these games are completely unpredictable. It is not possible to determine the exact moment that a crash will take place.

Can I play Crash games for free?

Yes, many crash games on our website have a demo mode where you get free virtual coins when you start the game. Your withdrawal transactions also take place in these virtual coins. However, it is important to note that these coins are for gaming only and cannot be withdrawn or converted into real money. They serve their purpose exclusively in the virtual world of the game.

Can I play Crash games for real money?

These games can be played for real money, and they are available to play. In addition to using traditional paper currencies like Indian Rupees (INR), players also have the option of using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to play. Each user has the ability to select any convenient method of payment that is offered on the website.

Which Crash games are the most popular on our website in India?

Crash games have become extremely popular recently, especially in India. It is not surprising that there is a wide selection of crash games on our website and it is constantly growing. Here are some of the most popular ones: Aviator, Crash X, JetX, Spaceman, Cash Galaxy, Aviatrix, Triple Cash or Crash, Rocketman and many others.